Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Edina Art Center Show Update

I checked with the Edina Art Center today to see if our members may hang glass on glass mosaics in the large window that they have in their gallery.  They said "yes" and that "it would be very impressive" if we did that.

I hope some of you can take some glass on glass pieces to the show!  We'll have a considerable amount of room for hanging pieces, for 3-D pieces, and for hanging glass on glass!

The contract that we have with Edina Art Center stipulates the following:
  • All pieces must be for sale.
  • Each participant will pay EAC $5 for participating
  • If you sell your piece(s), Edina Art Center will receive a 35% commission.
Please figure in the above when you establish your pricing.
The only thing that will not be for sale is the Haiti Project.  Edina Art Center has invited us to display it in it's semi-finished state.  They know that it's going to Haiti.

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