Monday, March 14, 2011

Update on Haiti Project and More on Offerings

Great news about our first (I think) community project -- to date, 21 guild members are participating in the Haiti Project!  It's great to see so much interest in and commitment to this project.  We're now making designs available to those of you who want to do two squares.  Julie Reeve is already working on two designs - thanks, Julie! -- Right now there are three designs at Mosaic on a Stick.  If there is a need for more, I'll make more.

Now, more on offerings.  I think some of you are having fun with your offerings.  Last week, I blogged about the offerings for La Siren.  This week, I'll show you examples of offerings to the Gran Bwa and Bawon Samdi.

The Gran Bwa is ruler of the forest and the master of herbal remedies. He  likes offerings that reflect the verdant colors of the forest he inhabits.  Offerings include flowers and leaves.  You can see this in the photo of the an actual Gran Bwa veve below.

The next photo is a veve for Bawon Samdi, guardian of the cemetary and the paramount spirit of the dead. One of his favorite offerings is rum laced with pepper.  You can see that he's holding a bottle of rum.

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