Monday, December 1, 2014


Mosaic Guild Meeting Notes for November 2015 planning meeting

The first item discussed was the Guild’s blog. Lisa Ferguson has taken over the blog from Danette. She has run in to some issues and she will be following up with Danette. The blog may need to be started over and we will lose some of the material that is on the blog currently but this would be an excellent time to have updated pictures and a larger variety of pictures too. Lisa will let us know what she wants us to send her when she is ready to make the changes. Lisa has updated the members list and has added some recent events.

We discussed adding a calendar with upcoming events and meetings. We hope to have more meeting and event pictures to keep the blog fresh. If anyone has any good pictures that they take at either please forward them to Lisa and she can see about adding them somewhere in the blog.

Another topic - adding a contact person or persons to the blog. This would be for people who have been to the blog and may be interested in joining the Guild or even just to attend a meeting. We are trying not to have too much personal information on the blog but still not discourage anyone interested in checking us out. If there are any members that would like to be a point person please let me know. I think at least two people would be able to cover those emails.

The blog is a work in progress but if we have an event to post we can still do that on the current blog.

I know all members are very appreciative of the work that Danette has done on the blog in the past. Thank you to Barbra Benson Keith for getting the blog started. Thank you to Lisa for getting involved in the blog as a very new member. Your time and talent are very much appreciated. I hope I did not leave any one out.

We had a small turn out this year for the Mosaic on a Stick show. I think that the people who did contribute had really beautiful pieces. Thank you for your participation. Thank you Lori for all your work too. We had voting for People’s Choice and Guild members’ choice. We did not have enough votes to award a Guild members choice but the People’ choice goes to Julie Reeve. Her piece “East Bank West Bank” won.
The holiday party will be at Susan Mathis home. December 10th at 6:00 pm. We all will bring a food to share and anyone who wants to can make a mosaic decoration or ornament. We will guess who has made each one and have a $25 gift certificate for the person who has the most correct answers. Susan will send out information on food etc.

We will still have our tesserae exchange so bring a bag of goodies if you wish to participate in that.
Lisa has sent out an email on the opportunity to show your work at a coffee shop along with some of her pieces. This is Royal Grounds coffee shop. Thanks Lisa for including members in this opportunity. If you are interested let Lisa know as soon as possible.
The topic of whether to put in a submission to the Bloomington art Center for the fourth try was discussed. It was decided that as a group we would not apply. If any individuals would like to submit (or in smaller groups) it may be a better opportunity to be selected.

The subject of having a Mosaic Guild ad in the annual tile book was discussed. It was decided that it was not worth the cost.
It was suggested that any member that has a recent mosaic that they are working on or have completed please bring it to the next meeting to show the group. This inspires us all to keep working and expands our ideas. Please share with the group as much and as often as you can. We love to see each other’s art.

We also discussed the only show we have booked at this time for 2015. It will be at The Maple Grove Arts Center in April. Opening night will be April 9th. Details will follow through emails and at the February meeting.

Several other venues were discussed and individual members are checking in to other locations.
The meetings that have been finalized at this time are for February, April, and June. All details will follow as we get closer to the dates.
February 11th is at Lisa Ferguson’s home. The project for this meeting is to make a 3”x 3” mosaic. This is a repeat from a couple of years ago but we had fun with it and it is easy to complete.
Also at this meeting everyone should bring an ugly plate or maybe an ugly ceramic piece that we will pass on to another member. We will take our ugly item home and turn it into something beautiful (or at least interesting). We will bring our transformed piece to the April 8th meeting. We can decide if we want to vote on the best transformation and have a prize for the winner. The catch is the ugly piece still has to be recognizable in the new creation.

April 8th is at my house. We will have our transformed mosaics and we will also have a tesserae and tool exchange, swap or sale. If anyone has any items that they want to bring to either sell or swap this is the time to do it.
We can have a show and tell on our ugly plate challenge.

June 10th meeting will be at Amy Leyden’s home. We will do a progressive mosaic. Each person should bring an 8” x 8 “ piece that we can mosaic on. Bring some tiles, beads, glass scraps etc. to pool for all to use. We will each take an 8 x 8 and start working on it. After a few minutes we will pass the piece on to the next person and each person will add to the piece. We should come up with something quite interesting considering all our individual styles.

These are the meetings that we have finalized. I will send out an addendum when I have additional information.

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing.

Best Regards,