Friday, October 5, 2012

Member's 8x8 Samples

Anyone who attended this summer's Minnesota Mosaic Guild member's show at the 3Ten Gallery or the Minnesota Tile Festival would have seen the wonderful samples of various MMG member mosaic styles.  This group of samples has been around for most of the life of the Guild, and is a striking example of the creative variability among our members.

Over the years the wall has changed as some samples have been sold and new members have joined the Guild.  Members who are not represented are encouraged to submit a sample of their work.  As pieces sell, members are asked to replace work that has been sold.  Currently, many of our members are not represented, so consider this a shout-out to submit an 8x8 sample of work (ready to hang).  Some members have more than one piece among the samples; something that's also encouraged.

We have consistently displayed these samples at the annual Minnesota Tile Festival in September.  When there is room, we have also displayed them at our member shows.  Essentially, it's an easily transported show in itself that truly shows the diversity of our talent.  At any rate, we encourage all members to be represented in this way, so if you are not currently represented, please bring a sample to any Guild meeting.  I will be sure it becomes part of our ongoing sample show.