Saturday, October 2, 2010

Brenda Hansen - Featured Artist of the Month

Name: Brenda Hansen


What kind of mosaics do you make? stained glass, glass on glass, polymer clay, ceramics

When did you start making mosaics? 4 years ago, I took a class with Sharra Frank at Clay Squared to Infinity. The last 2 years, I have seriously worked in mosaics.

How did you get into mosaics? My whole life, I have been making pieces fit together. Artistically, I have worked in miniatures, ceramics, polymer clay, fabric art and wood working. I am naturally attracted to making sense out of parts and making something complete.

What inspires you? I see an object or a tile and see a bigger picture. I then create the bigger picture.

How did you develop your style? I create with my heart. People have commented on a sense of calm or peace in my work.

How did you learn to make mosaics? Dove in. Got books from the library.

How do you approach a mosaic? I ask the mosaic what it wants to be.

What do you do with your mosaics once you finish? I have been entering shows with my finished work.

What have you learned? I want to work towards a freer style since ceramics, tiles and stained glass can be seemingly rigid.

How do you fit mosaics into your personal/family life? Creating is essential to being me. I schedule time every week for some creative time.

Where do you work? I work in my lower level studio. I have lots of different materials around to play with and create.

What is your favorite thing about working with mosaics? I never know what the finished mosaic will look like until after I grout it. I love the unexpected. I find a sense of completion and wholeness when I set the last piece in place.