Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beads, colors, lines, and a touch of gold!

I'll be blogging often during the first couple of weeks of our project so please check the blog often. There were lots of good questions yesterday as members picked up their designs.  I want to pass along those questions and answers to everyone as they might be helpful to you. If you have a question, please post it in the comment box of the blog and I'll answer.

First, BEADS!
Beads are used a lot in Vodou flags. I've suggested that you use some beads in your pieces.  Cheryl Anderson commented yesterday that small beads often don't stick well to mesh.  I'm going to try some large beads in my piece and see how they do.  Another material that you can use is GEMS.  Gems fit into the category of "shiny stuff".  Also, as you know, they may be cut in half and set on the cut side in the piece which gives an interesting effect.  Cheryl - thanks for this tidbit!

I've suggested that you emphasize the primary colors in your pieces -- RED, BLUE, AND YELLOW.  Note that the word I used was "emphasize" NOT "use only primary colors".  You may definitely use other colors. I've seen Vodou flags with black, white, purple, and green in them.  You have the freedom to use any color, just emphasize primary colors.  Take look at the Ezili Freda flag below.  There's lots of black, but also lots of red.

Next, LINES.
Some of you have selected flags with narrow lines in them, such as the narrow swirly lines in the flag above.The narrow lines in the cartoons of your flags are lines for you to follow. There's no need for you to try to make them as narrow as they are in the actual flag.  Just follow the lines as you lay your tesserae.

Because we'll be using gold mirror glass for the border at the time of installation, we need you to use a touch of gold mirror glass in your piece.  This will help tie the whole piece together.  If you don't have any gold mirror glass at home, Mosaic on a Stick sells small strips of it so you can purchase a small strip when you pick up your pieces. Take a look at the Guede Mazaca flag below.  There's only a small amount of gold.--That works!

That's it for today.  I'll soon be blogging about integrating offerings into your pieces.  This is optional, but you often see it in actual Vodou flags.  Check back soon!

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