Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good News From Haiti!

Lori Greene has been communicating with her contacts in Haiti.  Lori has sent them pictures of the veves that you have all made.  THEY LOVE IT!  Lori said one person was brought to tears when she saw what we are doing for them.  I don't know about you, but this makes me feel really, really good.

I haven't been to Mosaic on a Stick in a couple of weeks, but I know that several of you have been taking your squares in.  I have three here at home - my own, Janine's, and Julie Reeve's second one.  Remember that May 3 is the deadline.  Judy Sell and Gil Gragert have agreed to do two squares so they have special dispensation to turn them in late (but in time for the Edina Art Center Show).  When it's all done, we'll have 24 square feet to install (plus the border).  It's definitely going to make a statement!

The hospital is moving along faster now, so we may be able to install it within the next 6-8 months - or maybe even sooner.  I can't wait!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Regarding the Haiti Project: Members who complete squares for the project should provide extra pieces of tile (especially edge pieces) in the event that tile gets dislodged and lost in transit to Haiti. Bring your extra tile in a baggie with your name on it to Mosaic-on-a-Stick.

Remember to prepare for the June 8 Guild Meeting - Travel Night at Susan Mathis'home. Everyone is invited to bring photos of mosaic work they've come across in their travels. Bring ol-fashioned photos or photos in electronic form, ready to show.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April Meeting Minutes

We met at Judy Sell's house on April 13. - Thanks, Judy.

Sculpture Demo
Judy gave us a demonstration of how to sculpture a bench (or whatever) using the method that Wooterina De Raad teaches.  This entails wrapping the object in wire mesh and then covering it with mortar prior to applying the tesserae.

Haiti Project
Susan updated everyone on th project.  Many projects are done and turned in. Judy and Gil both agreed to do two squares. - This brings the project to 24 squares - 24 square feet. - Phenomenal. - We would like to install the quilt in Haiti in the first quarter of 2012, but it depends on whether the new children's hospital is far enough along in construction by that time.  We'll keep you posted.

Edina Art Center Show
Susan handed out a "poop sheet" for the show which lists the dates to remember as well as facts you need to know about the show.  This sheet will be emailed to all members at a later time. There's no way to attach it to this blog. Judy Sell will be designing the postcards.  Julie Reeve may provide some signage for the Haiti Project once we know what we need.

2012 Show
Susan will help Gil find a venue for our 2012 show.

Concrete Mosaic Sculpture Garden Tour
Members who were present were polled to find out if there's interest in having a special event this summer. The event would be a garden tour of Wouterina De Raad's Concrete Mosaic Garden. Everyone present was very interested in doing this.  The garden is located in Beldenville, WI which is a 45 minute drive from downtown St. Paul.  Susan will contact the garden to see if we can reserve the date of July 16 for our tour.  We must have a minimum of 10 participants for the garden to open for us.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Please Read Before This Week's Meeting

First - can all of you save a few pieces of your tesserae - especially the ones on the edges - put them in a Zip-Lock bag, write your name on the bag and provide it to us to keep with your squares.  The reason for this is that some pieces will most likely fall out when we transport the squares to Haiti.  We'll need the pieces to cut out repair pieces.  Cheryl Anderson has already thought to do that and we all need to do it.  If you're coming to this week's meeting, you can bring your bag of stuff to the meeting and give it to me.-Thanks!


Those who attended the "quilting bee" on Saturday had a lot of fun AND we got to see several veve squares that have been dropped off at Mosaic on a Stick. - See below! Yippee!

Below is Cheryl Anderson's colorful Veve for Kafou. Kafou is the malevolent trickster who diverts humans from their true paths. It's beautiful.

Here is Connie Cohen's Djab. Djabs are personal spirits who belong to a specific person via a magical contract. They perform services such as warding off enemies, increasing one's wealth, etc. Djab is one of my personal favorites. Connie - is the key in the lower right an offering?

This is Beth Karjala's Damballah. He is the great serpent and the symbol of fertility.  He is fond of eggs which is why Beth included an egg in the Veve.  Beth used broken china to make Damballah and it looks great!

Here is Gil's Damballah and Aida Ouedo.  Damballah's wife is the beautiful spirit Aido Ouedo - she is the rainbow!

Here is Trudy Vrchota's Gran Bwa, ruler of the forest and master of herbal remedies.  Trudy included some flowers and foliage as and offering to Gran Bwa.

Here is Gil - looking Presidential, while Julie and Micah create!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Haiti Project Announcements

There are two announcements today.

The Haiti Project Quilting Bee is on as scheduled.  Several of you have indicated that you want to come.  The quilting bee will be on Saturday, April 9, at Mosaic on a Stick.  We'll go from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  Interest has been expressed in a pot luck lunch.  I'll bring enough stuff to make 8 (the number who have signed up) turkey and/or cheese sandwiches.  If any of you would like to bring anything that would compliment our sandwiches, that would be great.  Suggestions are chips, beverages, fruit, cookies, etc.

Submitting your veve.  Someone asked today where they can take their square as they need to turn it in early.  Remember that May 3 is the deadline, but you can bring it in any time before that.  There are already some completed squares at Mosaic on a Stick.  If you prefer, you may bring your piece to next week's meeting to show off (completed or not completed).  You can give it to me to take to Mosaic on a Stick or you may take it yourself anytime between now and May 3.  Remember that The Stick is not open on Mondays.

Monday, April 4, 2011

April Guild Meeting

Location: Judy Sell's home 1104 South 4th Street, Stillwater, MN Telephone 651-430-2593 Directions from Hwy. 36 heading East Turn left (North) at Osgood Avenue, the last stoplight on Hwy. 36 before you go down into the valley In a few blocks, Osgood turns into South 4th St. Watch for Judy's house on the left. Agenda: Haiti Project update, Susan Mathis Edina Art Center Show, Susan Mathis June Guild Meeting, Susan Mathis' home, Mosaic pictures from travels - everyone bring pics Future show possibilities - Mosaic-on-a-Stick; Phipps Center for the Arts (Hudson, Wisc.); ArtReach St. Croix (Stillwater) Riana's Garden field trip - July?