Thursday, December 9, 2010

Minutes from December Meeting/Holiday Party

Guild members enjoyed good company, good food, and a tessarae exchange the evening of December 8 at the home of Susan Mathis. Those in attendance were Gil Gragert, Judy Sell, Carolyn Clark-Hyland, Danette Poglase, Janeen  Irissari, Barbara Steen, Cheryl Anderson,Janet Houck, Susan Mathis, and Walter Mathis.

Several of our 2011 meetings and events were discussed and scheduled:
  • February Meeting - Program and place to be announced
  • April Meeting - "Outdoor Cement Sculptures" program to be held in Stillwater at either Gil's house or Judy's house.
  • June Meeting - "Travel Night" featuring a slide show on the mosaics Susan saw on her trip to England.  Others will be invited to bring photos/slides from their travels to share as well.  Place: Home of Susan Mathis in Woodbury.
  • September Meeting - No agenda yet.  Please submit your ideas.
  • November Meeting - No agenda yet.  Please submit your ideas.
  • December Holiday Party - Who would like to host the 2011 Holiday Party?
2011 Summer Show
Our 2011 Summer Show will be held at Edina Art Center.  The basics are the following (watch for more details as we get closer to show time:
  • June 29: Set-up
  • June 30: Artists Reception
  • June 30-August 3: Exhibit
  • August 4: Pick-up
  • All mosaic pieces must be for sale.  Pieces to hang as well as 3-D pieces are welcome. We may submit as many pieces as can be displayed.  EAC has a good-sized space so we think there's lots of room for many pieces.
2012 Show
We're already thinking about our 2012 Show.  Gil and Danette are working on the venue.

Haiti Project
Susan provided an update on the Haiti Project as follows:
  • Kick-off will be in February WATCH THE BLOG FOR KICK-OFF DETAILS--SOON!
  • The design is well underway and everyone is excited about participating in the project.
  • Installation date will be determined at a later time.  Due to the current outbreak in violence in Haiti, the installation team will schedule their trip to Haiti when the State Department issues an "all clear" travel rating for Haiti.  Those in attendance are excited & want to proceed with the project with the awareness that the installation date is unclear and may not happen in 2011.

Monday, December 6, 2010

December 8 Meeting

Wouldn't hurt to post the date and times of the December meeting, would it?

December MMG Meeting:
December 8, 2010
6:30 - 9:30

See details in previous posting

Mostly a social time, but we'll fit in some planning for next year too.

December 2010 Meeting

Susan Mathis' house
3670 Village Court, Woodbury MN
Susan suggests using mapquest for directions
Consuting the map, here's what I found - Interstate 94 East; Woodbury Drive/County 19
South; Lake Road West; Left on Wedgewood Drive; Left on Village Court
Look for large Christmas wreath with multicolored lights over the garage door
Pot Luck - Susan's providing a casserole
Bring food and drink to share
Bring a bag of tassarae for holiday exchange

Haiti Project
Planning for 2011
Board member/Guild responsibilities
Spring/Summer Show Edina Arts Center