Sunday, March 6, 2011

Introduction to Offerings

Haitian Vodou Lwa (Loa) are given offerings to please them and to gain their favor.  Each Lwa likes specific types of offerings.  In Vodou flags, the offerings are typically integrated into the background of the flag, but sometimes the Lwas are seen holding the offering in their hands.

I'll be sending out a series of blogs on offerings.  Integrating offerings into your specific flag is optional.  Just be prepared to suffer the consequences that the Lwa may wreak on you if you don't provide an offering.  (Some Vodou flags are very busy and there's really no room for offerings.  In that case, the Lwa gives you special dispensation if you don't give an offering.) 

In this blog, I'm focusing on Lasiren, queen of the ocean and patroness of music.  She surfaces from the depths of the sea to bestow favors on her subjects.  Offerings to Lasiren include combs, perfumes, seashells, mirrors, and doves.

Here are a couple images of Lasiren.  I'll be sending out additional blogs of Lwa and their offerings.  Check back often!

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