Sunday, July 4, 2010

Featured Artist of the Month: Lori Greene

Featured Artist of the Month: Lori Greene


What kind of mosaics do you make?
Mixed media mosaic wall pieces and sculptures

When did you start making mosaics?
When I was a graduate student at Maryland Institute college of Art in 1991

How did you get into mosaics?
I was making beaded (seed beads) mosaic sculptures, very expensive and timing consuming

What inspires you?
Textiles from all over the world, people, emotions, everything...

How did you learn to make mosaics?
I taught myself

How do you approach a mosaic?
I have an idea, then I begin

What do you do with your mosaics once you finish?
show it, sell it

What have you learned?
Something every day

Where do you work?
Mosaic on a Stick is my studio and my store

What is your favorite thing about working with mosaics?
You can use anything, play with everything! I like mosaics because they are inviting, anyone can particpate, its does not have to be expensive, and you can change your world with them.

Have you ever done public art or worked with the community or children?
My first Public art piece was in 1993 I was commissoned to make a temporary mosaic sculpture for a park in Baltimore Maryland.

My first community art piece was the Resource Center of the Americas in 2001, we had over 200 volunteers, it was an amazing and humbling experience.

I do 2 - 4 residencies in the schools every year I have worked with children as young as 4 and adults as old as 90.

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