Sunday, July 4, 2010

Featured Artist of the Month: Judy Sell

Featured Artist of the Month: Judy Sell



What kind of mosaics do you make?

When did you start making mosaics?

How did you get into mosaics?
I saw my first piece of Memoryware, which is a form of American folk-art. Jugs, jars, bottles and other vessels were covered in assorted findings such as buttons, shards of old dishes, you know, priceless personal tidbits. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.

What inspires you?
Outsider artists and things that have been horded then sorted.

How did you develop your style?
I use mostly found objects and objects chosen by the recipient to be included, that's what really dictates how to proceed.

How did you learn to make mosaics?
Self taught really. Trial and error. First with a glue gun and now with ApoxieSculpt. I have taken classes in the last 4 years to find out some tricks. It gets real old making mistakes. I like having it demonstrated too. All of the info is in books and online but I don't retain much of what I read but I love seeing it happen.

How do you work best?
When I have too much stuff and having really great choices for the projects.

How do you approach a mosaic?
With sheer joy!

What do you do with your mosaics once you finish?
Remember when you got that great dress for prom and you tried it on every night, before bed, for a month? I go look at it a couple times at night before bed and delight. I do commissions so I have to get my peeks in before they go home.

What have you learned?
People like to save little tidbits.

How do you fit mosaics into your personal/family life?
I work part-time at Star Tribune so I have Thursdays and Fridays to dedicate to mosaics.

Where do you work?
An 1888 basement. Spooky!

What is your favorite thing about working with mosaics?
Searching for the perfect thing to put in that one spot that will delight.

Have you ever done public art, community art, worked with children, etc...?
Check the site, that shows a lot of different community projects.

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