Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Haiti Project Announcements

There are two announcements today.

The Haiti Project Quilting Bee is on as scheduled.  Several of you have indicated that you want to come.  The quilting bee will be on Saturday, April 9, at Mosaic on a Stick.  We'll go from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  Interest has been expressed in a pot luck lunch.  I'll bring enough stuff to make 8 (the number who have signed up) turkey and/or cheese sandwiches.  If any of you would like to bring anything that would compliment our sandwiches, that would be great.  Suggestions are chips, beverages, fruit, cookies, etc.

Submitting your veve.  Someone asked today where they can take their square as they need to turn it in early.  Remember that May 3 is the deadline, but you can bring it in any time before that.  There are already some completed squares at Mosaic on a Stick.  If you prefer, you may bring your piece to next week's meeting to show off (completed or not completed).  You can give it to me to take to Mosaic on a Stick or you may take it yourself anytime between now and May 3.  Remember that The Stick is not open on Mondays.


  1. Hello! I sent in my membership dues and would like to be included in the Haiti project...if possible.
    I plan on being at Mosaic on a Stick on Sat. April 9th. If possible, could I get the supplies for a square or two???
    I'll be coming with my neighbor,Julie Reeves.
    Pls. let me know...I'll bring something food like to share too!
    Micah Bach Kinder

  2. Micah-Welcome to the guild! We have some squares at Mosaic on a Stick so you many choose one tomorrow. See you tomorrow!