Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 2014 Meeting: Notes after our meeting

Pick up at Stillwater- Anytime on or after April 15th. Pieces will be in the Framing room. You will need to package them up and then check out at the front desk before you leave. Mandi has saved any wrapping that you had on the pieces.

Edina Show-
Receiving mosaics Monday June 23rd. 11:00 to 7:00 pm

Jo Shaddy and Micah Bach Kinder will be at Edina Art Center checking in your mosaics during the day and Rachel Arnston will be at the center from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. Jo and Micah please coordinate your time slots.

Please put a tag on the front of each mosaic with name and title. This will allow the person at the center to add the title plates (without needing to take each piece off the wall) once all the art is hung.

Hanging  art on Tuesday and Wednesday the 24th and 25th. Janine Irisarri, Barb Steen and Trudy Vrchota will hang the mosaics. Jo Shaddy, Carol Harwood and Rachel Arnston will help if needed.

Food for opening on June 26 from 5:00 to 8:00
  • Small bottles of water for beverage- Barb Napiwocki will bring them to the center.
  • Strawberries and possibly small cream puffs, Barb Steen will take care of those items.
  • Cheese platters, meat and crackers, Trudy Vrchota will bring.
  • Clean up- All please stay to pitch in at the end.

Powderhorn Park Event- Saturday Aug. 2nd. 10 to 6:00 but set up about 8:30.

Barb Napiwocki, Rachel Arnston, Micah Bach Kinder, Laura Lee and Trudy Vrchota have agreed to be at the show . Micah and Trudy to start at 10:00.

Micah is providing a tent and tables and Trudy a screen to hang mosaics.

If anyone else wants to work please let me know. The advantage to working the show is that you can have some of your mosaics displayed and you can give out your business cards if you would like to. We will also give out cards and info on the guild. We will need to demonstrate how we make our mosaics during the entire day.

Bloomington Art Center submittal- Rebecca has sent that in, I believe the list comes out in May

State Fair Art Submission
I have forwarded an email with info on how to enter. Rachel Arnston will be sending out information to enter your art at the Arts and Crafts building as another option. There is no judging for this option.

Jo thank you for hosting. It was a wonderful night and you have a fabulous studio.

Next meeting will be June 11th at Rachel Arnston’s home.

Regards all,

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