Thursday, June 20, 2013

June Mosaic Meeting

We had a great meeting at Susan’s house. Thank you Susan for all the good salads and bread. It was all wonderful and appreciated.

We had Verna Pitts, a professional photographer; give us some very good ideas on how to photograph our mosaic art pieces. She used some of our pieces, some with mirrors, some flat pieces and some three dimensional to show us a variety of ways to tackle the different types of art that we create.

It would be hard to adequately explain all the information but a couple of items that are easy to explain and have a large impact are using a couple of sheets of white poster board as a back drop if you want a white back

ground. She also had large pieces of a black velvet fabric that she used for most of the pictures. The black velvet made a very dramatic back ground giving nice contrast to most of the art she photographed.

Items that we discussed during the meeting are:

 Susan has a person that she knows that may be able to find a place for the Haiti quilt to be installed (in Haiti). Susan will check with Danette to see if there would be money in the Guild account that could cover some of the expenses.

Lori Greene would like to have pictures of our art sent to her by the end of July. She will decide what images might be used for the September show post card.

Lori loves her new space and said that there is a lot more room to hang art and that there is window space for glass on glass pieces.

 I will check with Lori to see if she wants members to have more then one piece for that show.
We need to decide when we will have opening night. Our meeting on the 11th of September has usually been before the show so that we could bring the art that we wanted in the show to Mosaic on a Stick and just leave it for the show. I will check with Lori on how much time she needs between the 11th and having an opening night.

 Lori asked me to also share with the group that Tara Nielson sold almost half her show on opening night. That is fantastic.

 Gil had checked with the Phipps Gallery on a show for 2015. He said that there is such a small chance of that happening that we should look for some other place.

 We did a little brain storming on other locations that might work well for a show but we really do not have a specific place that we are pursuing. If any one has any ideas please pursue them.

 We have 2014 covered with a show at the Edina Art Center, one at the 310 Gallery and the show that we always have at Mosaic on a Stick. Most places require a fairly long lead time so it is not too soon to be planning for 2015.

I hope you all have a great summer, provided summer shows up any time soon!



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