Friday, March 1, 2013

February Meeting at Barb Steen’s Home

 If you were able to attend the February meeting thank you for coming. For those who could not make it I wanted to give you a brief update on what was discussed and what decisions were made, mostly in regards to the upcoming Hopkins Art Center show.

Drop off times will be March 4th from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. and March 5th from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. It would help us if you can have your pieces marked with the title and the price. There is a loading zone in front of the building where you can park when dropping off your art work. Janine will send another email with more details on the drop off situation.

Art pieces can not be heavier then 30 pounds, must be hung from a horizontal wire on the back and should not have sharp areas where children coming thru could hurt themselves if they touched a piece of art.

Food for Opening Night:

Jo Shady has very kindly offered to make some bars. Along with the bars we will have cheese and crackers, fresh strawberries and cream puffs.

Hopkins Center does not allow alcoholic beverages so we will stick with water, coffee and a fruit punch.

I hope many of our Guild Members can make it for Opening night.

Janine has taken extra post cards and she will see if some of the businesses in Hopkins will put them in their stores. Hopkins is known for their Antique stores and that might be a good location to promote the show. If anyone knows of a place of business that might be open to having our show cards in their space please contact them and drop off some cards.

If you plan on helping to hang the art work please contact Janine just to verify that she needs additional help or that she could contact you if more help is needed at the last minute.

This is a ways off but we set a theme for the September art show at Mosaic on a Stick. This will be at Lori’s new building and she will have Gallery space in the new location. The theme is “Challenge Yourself Mosaics”. This will be different for everyone but should produce some exciting results.

Janine was approached by the 310 Gallery in Stillwater. They would like to have our mosaics shown again in 2013. We discussed some of the available dates and this July appears to be the best possible time, out of the dates that they have available. Janine and I would like to hear from anyone who would be interested in having some pieces in a show. If enough interest is shown we will pursue the July dates further.

The next meeting is at Micah Bach Kinder’s home. We are again challenging ourselves by creating a 3D mosaic to bring to the meeting to discuss and appreciate.

I will try to send out a reminder email approximately one month and again one week before each Guild meeting. Details will be posted on the blog site.

Trudy Vrchota

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  1. Hi all!
    First of all, in reference to the Q from last meeting- I'm OK with doing the Show at the 310 Gallery in July...What the heck- can always use a push in my behind to produce some fun stuff!

    The Opening Reception at The Hopkins Center for the Arts was FABULOUS! The art was hung very well, flow was outstanding as was the lighting...THANK YOU, THANK YOU Janine and the rest of you who spent personal time and huge effort to put this show togather! You did a BRILLANT JOB! And, THANK YOU Jo, for being a "Ms. Suzy Homemaker" and baking the YUMMY bars! Nothing beats homemade and your efforts were appreciated and devored!
    The Cream Puffs were delectable, as usual and I've never eaten such delicious HUGE strawberries in wintertime!!! My Grandson must have chowed down on at least a dozen- I lost count!
    The Postcards advertising the Show were really nice and the effort on your part, Judy Sell for even sending out a quantity thru the mail to me (us)-I REALLY appreciated. THANK YOU! And,I really want to commend TRUDY and JANINE for such timely, clear communication about this Show, it was very organized and the results showed the efficancy and organization. THANK YOU!
    Last, but not least by any means!
    THANK YOU from my heart to all you wonderful Guild members who made such beautiful ART! Your effort and huge talent has inspired me, humbled me and CHALLENGED me. This is why I joined the Guild, I am so grateful to you all.

    April 10th meeting will be at my house. I live in SW Mpls, not far off 35W then west on Diamond Lake Road (6 blocks west of Lyndale Avenue). Or, right off Crosstown 62 then north on either Penn Avenue or Lyndale Avenue.
    Julie Reeve (She lives just "kitty corner" from me) and I are gonna share with y'all a really cool kiln to make some small Fused Glass pieces. I'm gonna have a few kilns and microwaves (did we mention you use a microwave with the kiln??)so folks can actually fuse some pieces- just for thrills and chills, of course!
    I promise I, or Ms. Julie,will post my exact address and directions (?) B4 the meeting.
    Anyone know what TIME we should start? 6:30 or 7 PM?

    I did take some pictures at the Hopkins Show, I'm gonna try to post them here. Hope it works. I'd like to go back during the day with daylight to view the exhibit again- it was breathtaking at night and during the day it will be doubly so!