Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Guild Show

Stunning as usual.  That's how I describe our show currently at the 3Ten Gallery in Stillwater.  If you haven't seen it yet, you must.  Hung by gallery manager Mandi Wallace, each artist is represented in an individual space, and a very large space it is.  See the previous blog for gallery location and times.

Regarding our individual contracts with the gallery:
The contract should have also included a clause concerning artist commission that result from exposure at the 3Ten gallery.  Essentially, when a customer arranges a commission with an artist as a result of seeing the artist's work at a gallery, the artist is ethically obligated to provide a portion of that commission to the gallery.  While the in-house commission at the 3Ten gallery is 50%, the commission for work done following 3Ten gallery exposure is 25%.  This arrangement is typical in the art world and would be a good topic for future Guild meeting discussion, perhaps presented by a reputable arts organzation like Springboard.  I'll put it on our agenda for next year's planning.

September 12 Guild Meeting:
Will be at Janine Irisari's home - location and direction details will be provided closer to the date.
Members are encouraged to develop one or more "monochrome" works to bring and discuss at the meeting.
Work should be no larger than 8x8 inches, or 8x8x8 if three-dimensional.
Janine has also been asked to show her craft in paper cutting.

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